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New DSTAR Repeater in Perth

As there have been ongoing problems with the VK6RWN DSTAR Gateway server, it’s been removed from site and connected at Heath VK6TWO’s QTH for remote maintenance by the DSTAR Guru’s.

To assist in getting Perth DSTAR users back ‘online’, Heath VK6TWO is in the process of building a standalone DSTAR Repeater Node which will enable registered DSTAR users to ‘connect’ to the worldwide DSTAR network.

Testing is currently in progress and it’s expected that the node will go live late July.

23cm DSTAR Digital Voice now on air!

Perth now has 23cm DSTAR Digital Voice coverage from the Roleystone repeater site thanks to the purchase of a 23cm diplexer.

Coverage on 23cm from this site is yet to be field tested but computer generated coverage plots show that it is quite healthy.

Members are encouraged to purchase Icom ID-1 23cm DSTAR/FM mobile radios or an Icom IC-9100 (with 23cm and DSTAR options fitted) to utilise. DSTAR home brew is also becomming quite popular so perhaps give this a try too.

Thanks to Rob VK6LD for spotting the cavity purchase opportunity, and VK6TWO for the purchase and installation.

Roleystone (6RAP, 6RWN, 6RUF)

A HUGE amount of money, equipment and time has been spent on our ‘Hub’ site at Roleystone VK6RAP in the past couple of months. We have installed 3x new LDF5-50 coax runs to the top of the 80m mast, Installed new Diamond X5000 and X6000 Triband (2m/70cm/23cm) antennas, refurbished the coax/mast, tidied up the cable entry from the mast to the shack, fitted cable glands for the coax entry to shack, installed a new Diamond Triplexer, relocated and installed the 4 DSTAR repeaters and installed new WiFi data link enabling Internet connectivity for the DSTAR Gateway. Many signal reports have indicated that coverage from the site is now exceptional. Photos can be found here:

The Roleystone site has the following WARG services: VK6RAP 6m & 2m & 70cm voice repeaters, VK6RUF 70cm voice repeater, VK6RWN 2m & 70cm & 23cm (DV+DD) DSTAR repeaters, the WIA newslink Hub for VK6, the NCDXF International DX beacons on 14.100, 18.110, 21.150, 24.930 & 28.200. It’s WARG’s crown jewel hub site and has been given a very high priority for the initial stages of the network expansion and upgrades. No point in upgrading anything else if the core isn’t up to scratch!