D-Star Brochures

Heath (VK3TWO/6) has located several Icom brochures on the D-Star system and D-Star capable radios.

The documents are in PDF format and rather large, so please be mindful if you are on a dial-up connection or have a low monthly download quota.

D-Star System Introduction (600kB)

D-Star System Overview (2.8MB)

Icom IC-2200H (322kB)

Icom IC-2820H (636kB)

Icom IC-91AD Handheld (690kB)

Icom ID-800H (502kB)

Icom IC-V82 & IC-U82 Handheld (784kB)

Icom V-82 (Review QST 2005) (418kB)

Documents are provided for the information of WARG members. All documents are copyright by Icom & QST/ARRL and remain the property of Icom & QST/ARRL respectively.


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