More coastal ducting into Geraldton

Early this evening (27/12/07 1830hrs) conditions again improved and two-way contacts were made between Christie – VK6XCJ, Mick – VK6YXL and Jon – VK6NOW utilising VK6RAP (Roleystone). Jon was able to hear the input signal at around S0-S1 / R5 with Jon’s input signal being copied at S1 / R5 in Geraldton.

Contact was also established with Barry – VK6HX utilising VK6RMW (Mt William) that was a strong S5-S6 signal into Geraldton. Barry indicated he could hear he input signal at S0 / R5 and Barry’s input signal could be heard at S1 / R5 in Geraldton – a simplex distance in excess of 500kms.

Duncan – VK6MHZ


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