VK6RSR Repeater On Air

Simplex (Parrot) Repeater VK6RSR, a combined project between VK6GHZ Duncan & VK6JRC Rob, has recently been licensed and placed on-air.

VK6RSR is co-located with VK6RVP (70cms Repeater) and VK6RVP-1 (APRS Digipeater) in Leonard Street, Victoria Park and provides coverage to the Perth Metropolitan Area.

To access VK6RSR, transceivers should be set to Simplex Mode (no repeater offset required) with 147.225MHz being set for the operating frequency. 30 seconds of record time is available ? please pause for 2 seconds before talking.

VK6RSR serves a number of purposes which include the following:

  • Antenna Testing;
  • Alignment of Transceivers and Receivers;
  • Modulation Checking;
  • Path Loss Measurement;
  • Alternative Calling Frequency for those not wishing to utilise main Perth repeater frequencies; and
  • Brief repeater capabilities for those stations unable to maintain Simplex contact.

Photos can be seen here.

As the repeater has only just been placed on-air, coverage reports from around the Perth Metro Area and beyond would be welcomed and can be emailed to Duncan (VK6GHZ)

Feedback on any technical difficulties experienced can also be directed via email to this address.

VK6RSR is proudly supported by VK Batteries.


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