Long weekend produces more favourable VHF troppo conditions along the West Coast

Favourable troppo conditions leading up to the Labor Day Long Weekend of 1, 2 & 3 March 2008 produced more VHF DX 2m contacts into the north-west coastal areas.

At 1800LT on Friday 29th February 2008 conditions allowed contact into VK6RAP whilst mobile 20kms south of Dongara all the way through till approx 30kms from Geraldton whilst travelling along the Brand Hwy. Contacts were made with both Danny ? VK6FZUK (Mobile) and Joseph – VK6AAO (Mobile). VK6RAP returned a signal varying between S2 & S9 for the QSO?s with total distances ranging between 360 ? 400kms whilst mobile.

A trough lying along the West Coast was responsible for the favourable conditions and can be seen the Hepburn Tropo Charts. (Click to see)

73?s, Duncan ? VK6GHZ


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