Coverage much further afield…

In cooperation with the Geraldton Amateur Radio operators/clubs, WARG’s plans to provide Voice and APRS coverage from Perth right through to Geraldon are well underway. A few sites around Ocean Hill and north of Jurien bay are being considered as potential key sites to provide services. Cataby Repeater VK6RCT will be integral to providing the linking/coverage for the project. Upon completion of the project, we should see coverage most of the way from Geraldton right the way down to Albany, some 1000km’s in the mid/south west of WA, the equivalent of driving from Melbourne to Sydney.

In addition to spreading coverage north and south, WARG also have plans to extend Voice and APRS coverage towards the East as far as possible, with the hope of reaching Kalgoorlie and beyond. We should see coverage of the first 1/3 of the East leg by early 2011. Once completed, this will be the equivalent of coverage from Melbourne to Canberra, through to Sydney and half way to Brisbane!!!

WARG members have also been heavily involved with new repeaters in the Pilbara area, which are also in the process of being linked to cover the area from Tom Price to Exmouth, Karratha, Paraburdoo and the surrounding areas. VK6RTP is the highest repeater in WA with an antenna height at around 1150m HASL. Check out the Southgate, VK6NDT, and WA Remote Amateur Radio Repeater Network sites.