VK6RAV – Hoddy’s Well (Avon Valley) – 2m + APRS

Hoddy’s Well, ~100km East of Perth now has APRS and 2m FM Voice repeaters.

Coverage ranges from Perth to the East right through to Kellerberrin.

Voice Repeater consists of the old VK6RAV from Northam.

APRS equipment consists of an Argent Data OT2 Digipeater coupled to a 25W radio.

The VK6RAV 2m Voice repeater can be accessed on 147.275+

APRS on 145.175

Both services were fully operational as of Aug 2011

Many thanks to Jim VK6CA, Craig VK6FLAM, Rob VK6UFO, Heath VK6TWO, Martin VK6ZMS, Monique VK6FMON.