VK6RTH Tic Hill – Break-in

Late November 2011 during a routine site visit to Tic Hill by Ron VK6ZRW and Mitch VK6FLEX (WAFN), it was discovered that there had been a Break-in at the site.

It appears that a portable angle grinder was used to cut the two padlocks on the outer gate and were nowhere to be seen. The hinges on the main door had also been cut.

Entry to the shack had been gained and the tools from the site toolbox had been stolen. No other items appeared to be missing. The offenders were even nice enough to close the door/gate when they were done.

Some of the barbed wire on the ‘windmil’ tower had also been cut but no other damage was noticed.

Temporary replacement padlocks were installed to secure the shack.

Cameras were installed to remotely monitor the site for future unauthorised access.

Thanks to Ray VK6ZRW and Mitch VK6FLEX for their attendance.