VK6RFM’s new location

Due to the previous location of VK6RFM being unavailable in the future, there was a requirement for it to be relocated this year.

On Sunday 12 July VK6RFM was transferred from the QTH of VK6KW to the “Equipment Enclosure” at the Wireless Hill Museum, installed in the VHF Group’s Beacon Rack, connected to the shared (with VK6BBS) collinear antenna and switched on at ~ 15:10H.

Subsequent tests all the way home to VK6KW proved that it was working as expected.

The mains power supply is a Yaesu FP-700 which draws 31W supplying 14v09 on idle/standby  and  182W supplying 14v03 on Tx Hi. – It had been proving for ~72 hours and all seemed very happy together just warm enough to prevent condensation.

It was noted that there is some annoying local interference on the output frequency but the repeater seems happy on air.

Report thanks to Bob VK6KW

A big thank you to the WA VHF Group for providing WARG with a new home for the VK6RFM Repeater.

The WA VHF Group website can be found at http://www.wavhfgroup.org.au/