Mini-WARG-fest? Well a Pre-Loved Equipment & Junk sale… at least. Yes, it is time for the June Meeting of WARG… on the 10th of JUNE 2024. *Note a Change of Venue… for the night*

Yes Folks, the June meeting is soon to be upon us. The main activity for this coming month is a WARG Junk Sale… Pre-Loved Equipment Sale… Not an Everyday Sale… You get the point. đŸ˜‰

Now this is Important, for this meeting, we’re not at the usual location. This monthly meeting and the Pre-Loved Equipment Junk sale will be happening at the 1st Midland Scout Hall in BELLEVUE the Address for your GPS is at #10 Helen St., Bellevue.
Here is a Google Maps Link and a speccy piccy of the hall…

Tea, Coffee & Biscuits etc. are available (for a small donation, as always) AND also…
We are hopeful of having a sausage sizzle and soft drinks available, for a small fund-raising cost like at a certain national chain of hardware stores. So if you’re hungry…

However, of course, we strongly encourage everyone to attend… else you’ll never-never know what of someone else’s trash would have become your treasure!

(NB: We also hope to be announcing a more substantial raffle in coming months, but for that we will need to go to the Lotteries Commission and get a permit etc.)

For more information: Check out the Facebook Group for any updates; Listen to the VK6ARN Weekly NEWSWEST; and of course, WARG’s own Sunday on-air Tech&Gen Net 1030AM (local) on Perth Repeater Ch.3 that’s VK6RLM 146.750MHz.
(We *MAY* even to be found on WAHAMS.)