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WARG Committee for 2020-2021

The WARG Committee for 2019-20 is as follows:

President: Barry VK6SP
Vice President: Steve VK6FTOW
Secretary: Anthony VK6AXB
Treasurer: Nil Nominations at this time
Membership Officer: Carsten VK6PCB
Technical Officer: Bob VK6ZGN
Councillors: Peter VK6PM, Matt VK6ML, Ray VK6ZRW,

Other positions
Digital Officer: Matt VK6ML
Shop Manager:
Website Manager: Carsten VK6PCB
Social Media: Peter VK6LB

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WARG AGM, 2020-2021 Committee, WARG Subscriptions

2020 AGM
The next West Australia Repeater Group Annual General Meeting is to be held on air 4th May 2020. This is due to social gathering restrictions because of COVID-19.

The 2020 AGM will be on repeater VK6RLM (146.750MHZ -0.6Mhz Offset) at 1930hrs (Local UTC+8) on Monday evening 4th May 2020.

WARG 2020/2021 Committee
Have nominated for a committee position yet? There are several positions available – Click Here for the current committee positions.

Have you paid your WARG subscriptions yet?
Membership is still only $25 per year, which is the price of 5 cups of coffee. You will be doing your bit to support the many metro and state wide radio repeaters that WARG provides for use by amateurs free of charge.

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WARG April 2020 Meeting Information

WARG April 2020 Meeting Information

Due to social distancing because of the Coronavirus-19 threat, physical meetings are postponed for the time being. Because of this, we will hold trial meetings as radio nets.

The next WARG monthly meeting is to be held on air Monday 6 April 2020 on repeater VK6RLM (146.750), not at our regular venue. The meeting will commence at the regular time of 19:30 hours. Hope to hear a few people on the net.

If you wish to participate in the meeting, you can do so by the following:
Radio: Repeater VK6RLM 146.750MHz -0.6Mhz offset
ALLSTAR: Node 28608
Echolink: Node 909122

Echolink for Android
Echolink for iOS

More info at

More info about AllStar

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WARG April 2020 Meeting changes

The next WARG monthly meeting is to be held on air Monday 6 April 2020 on repeater VK6RLM (146.750), not at our regular venue. The meeting will commence at the regular time of 19:30 hours. Hope to hear a few people on the net.

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HARGfest 2020 cancelled

HARGfest 2020 has been cancelled due to the current health concerns.
Hills Amateur Radio Group would like to apologise for any inconvenience this has caused and hopefully we can reschedule sometime in the future.

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Pogo Stick Antenna Construction

Tools Required.
Mitre Box (to cut the pipe square)
Electric Drill
Drill bits
Tape measure
Crimp tool for fitting coaxial fittings.
Soldering iron and solder.
Side cutters
Wire strippers.
Black marking pen
White marking pen (for marking black coaxial cable)

20mm White PVC Pipe (25mm outside diameter)
20mm end caps
20mm female coupler (sleeve joiner)
Fishing line
RG58 coaxial cable
Coaxial fittings (either PL259, SO239, N male or N female)
Each antenna requires a length of about 1200mm of PVC pipe to construct.

PVC pipe comes in 3 metre or 6 metre lengths and a number of classes that define its pressure rating (wall thickness).
One 6 metre length  allows the construction of 5 antennas with minimal wast of pipe.

The lowest pressure rating available would be suitable for pogo stick antennas.

Notes on Pogo Stick Antennas.

The design by Will VK6UU suggests dipole segment lengths of 425mm each and choke coil of 9 turns on a 20mm PVC pipe (25mm OD).

Other suggestions are 440mm for the upper segment of the dipole and 470 for the lower, or, 457 for the upper and 447 for the lower both with a choke of 9 turns.

The 440mm/470mm antenna tunes in the 147MHz segment and the 457mm/447mm tunes in the 146MHz segment.

VK2ZOI suggests 450mm for the dipole lengths and 10.5 turns on the choke, or 457mm for the dipole lengths and 9 turns on the choke.

In various designs, choke coil varies in number of turns between 9 and 11.

In recent WARG designs, the PVC pipe has a PVC cap at the top and a female PVC coupling at the bottom with a short attached section of pipe to provide weather protection to the coaxial fitting (plug or socket).

The coaxial fitting is not mounted on the PVC pipe but is attached to a short pigtail of coaxial cable coming from the choke winding.

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Next WARG meeting 9th March 2020

The next WARG meeting is to be held Monday 9 March 2020 at the 1st Pelican Point Sea Scout Group, 12 Australia II Drive Crawley. (Down the end past the yacht club) Doors open at 19:00 for a 19:30 start. Tea and coffee are available. All are welcome.

Steve, VK6FTOW Vice President of WARG would like to know if there are any questions pertaining to WARG general business, for people unable to attend the meeting? Please leave any questions in the comments section below.

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Perth Tech 2020 date announced

Saturday 2nd May 2020, at the Bassendean Community Centre
48 Old Perth Road, Bassendean

WA Amateur Radio News is pleased to announce that we will present PerthTech in 2020.

PerthTech is a One Day Seminar with a wide variety of subjects presented by experts in their field.

Following the success of last year’s event, where entry was free, the committee has decided once again to provide PerthTech as a free event, as a service to Amateur Radio in Western Australia.

We will again get together for an evening meal at the pub afterwards. Order and pay for your own food and drinks.

Of course we can’t produce an event of this quality out of thin air, so we will be raising funds via a raffle. We are still looking for a suitable prize, and as soon as prizes are determined, we will launch the raffle.

Meanwhile, mark your calendar and set aside Saturday 2nd May 2020 for a day you must not miss.

Even though the event is free, we will take bookings online for entry. There will be a fee for lunch, and payment for this will be online at trybooking as well. You don’t need to sign up at trybooking, and you can pay with a Visa, Mastercard or Amex card.

There will be an incentive offered for booking online to avoid having to deal with a queue at the door.


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