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RIP Queen Elizabeth II

The West Australian Repeater Group (WARG) would like to offer their condolences to the British Royal Family in this time of sadness. Our thoughts are with those affected by her death.


VK6RLM DMR back on line

Hi all,

After what seems like an eternity the VK6RLM DMR repeater is back on line with full connectivity to the Brandmeister network.

After getting HamNet to the site we had to work with the Brandmeister teams both in VK and the US, and then fix a fault with the repeater.

Thanks must got to Matt, VK6ML, for all his work.

The Output frequency of the repeater is 438.525 MHz with a -7MHz offset for the input.

TS1 is user access for whatever talkgroup you like. Just TX on that talkgroup and it will connect and remain connected for 15mins after no more local activity, at which time it will disconnect.

TS2 are statically mapped to TG505 (VK) and TG5056 (VK6).

Have a look at

Reports and feedback welcome.


Ray – VK6ZRW


WARG Subscriptions are now due for 2022/2023

To all members of the West Australian Repeater Group Inc.

Thank you very much for your continued support over the last year. With
COVID-19 impacting our meetings so much, it has definitely been a
difficult year for all of us.  With your subscriptions, you have kept WARG
on air for another year, and helped improve our network of repeaters in VK6.

The time has come for subscriptions to be paid for the 2022/2023 period.

WARG Annual Subscriptions are still only $25 per year. One of the cheapest clubs in VK6.

Subscriptions can be paid by bank transfer as usual to the following account:

BSB 633 000 Account No. 144144953 at Bendigo Bank.
Remember to identify yourself with your call sign when transferring funds
so we know who it is from.

Electronic funds transfer is preferred, but we still take cheques to PO
Box 2513 Mt. Claremont 6010 or cash at meetings and events.

For any membership enquiries, please email

Membership Status
The following Spreadsheet is the subscription status of all current WARG members for the 2022/2023 period:

Update your details
After sending your Subs, can all members please fill out the membership
form at

or fill out the PDF form on the website

If you wish to join WARG, please also use the above methods.


Carsten VK6PCB
WARG Treasurer and Membership Officer.


Cheap Solar Panels

Hi all,

Steve Kennedy (VK6SJ) has kindly donated some solar panels to anybody that makes a donation to WARG ($10 per panel). They are 270W 35VDC panels and Steve has 10 left at this stage. (As of Sunday morning)

If you would like to make a donation and score a free solar panel in the process, please contact Steve –

Donations can be sent to:
WA Repeater Group, Bendigo Bank.
BSB 633 000
Account No. 144144953
Comment: Your callsign or name, and “SOLAR PANELS” or “DONATION”.

Email evidence of the donation to Steve.

Subject to availability. Please contact Steve to ensure there are still panels left.


Next WARG Meeting 7th February 2022 – Remote

Hello All,

Apologies for the late notice, but the next WARG meeting this Monday 7th February will not be an in-person gathering, but take place remotely, via a Skype link.

The link has been set up courtesy of Matt VK6ML, It will be opened up at 7pm  on Monday 7/2/2022, and stay open for the duration of the meeting.

For visitors and others wishing to join the meeting, please ask them to contact myself, WARG Secretary VK6AXB via , I will contact them and email the link to them directly.

WARG Committee has decided not to proceed with a face-to-face meeting this Monday for two main reasons – firstly, the uncertainty about Covid cases circulating in the metro area, and also because several key members can’t attend in person on Monday night (myself included), but are OK with remote attendance.

I am finalising documents for the meeting and these will be sent tomorrow….

73, and Best Regards,

Anthony VK6AXB

Secretary, WARG


Pogo Stick Antenna Build night

At the General Meeting last night, we also held a Pogo Stick Antenna build night.

Most of the night was spent testing different lengths of cable to get the perfect SWR for the antenna. As is the case with R&D it always takes the majority of time…..

Finally we were able to get a good SWR for 146MHz or 1.1:1

Big thanks to Craig for fetching supplies, Anthony, Trevor, Mark, John, Bob, Ray, Trevor and Christine for attending and helping in one way or another.

1st November will be the next WARG General Meeting, and we will be building even more antennas on the night.

Pogostick antennas are available from WARG Shop. They can usually be bought at Swap meets that we attend.


Next WARG meeting 4th October 2021

The next WARG meeting is to be held Monday 4th October 2021 at the 1st Pelican Point Sea Scout Group, 12 Australia II Drive Crawley. (Down the end past the yacht club) Doors open at 19:00 for a 19:30 start. Tea and coffee are available. All are welcome.

We will also be holding a Working Bee, building 2/70 POGO Stick Antennas for anybody that is interested.


Next WARG meeting 6th September 2021

The next WARG meeting is to be held Monday 6th September 2021 at the 1st Pelican Point Sea Scout Group, 12 Australia II Drive Crawley. (Down the end past the yacht club) Doors open at 19:00 for a 19:30 start. Tea and coffee are available. All are welcome.


WARG and WIA Members survey

Hi all,

To keep our records up to date, I need to submit for insurance purposes, how many WARG members are also members of the WIA.

Can all members please visit this survey page submit your details. It’s very quick, takes less time than a 59 plus on a contest call.

Cheers and 73


Carsten Bauer VK6PCB
Membership Officer
West Australian Repeater Group