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*** New Meeting Venue From June 2017 ***

The West Australian Repeater Group Inc (WARG) is the largest amateur radio club in Western Australia (VK6).

WARG is an incorporated, not-for-profit group which provides and maintains a network of digital and voice radio repeaters serving the amateur radio community. The club hosts a high frequency (HF) propagation beacon (VK6RBP) and also explores and experiments with current technologies such as voice over internet protocol (VoIP) linking of repeaters through systems such as IRLP, EchoLink, AllStar and WiRES.

WARG’s linked repeater network provides the VK6 relay of the weekly Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA) National News and local NewsWest Broadcasts for radio hobbyists with assistance from manned relay station operators as well as the monthly Radio Amateur Old Timers Club (RAOTC) Broadcast.

Radio Amateurs are persons interested in radio communications and are licensed by the Federal Government for the purpose of self-training and experimentation in all facets of this field. WARG was founded in 1975 and evolved from the Wireless Institute of Australia (WA) Repeater Sub-Committee that was originally formed in 1970. The group rely upon subscriptions and donations to fund our operations and members volunteering their time, knowledge and expertise to undertake the activities of the group.

WARG is affiliated with the Wireless Institute of Australia and members have a proud history of radio communications assistance to authorities in times of emergency.

If you are new to the hobby or if you have RF running through your veins, then WARG is the club for you.

If you are already licenced or even a shortwave listener (SWL), please look around our website (currently in the process of being updated) then either join us on the WARG Weekly Net, 10.30am each Sunday on the VK6RLM 2M Repeater (146.750MHz) or come to a face to face meeting on a Monday night.