Life Members

Life Membership is reserved as an honour to be bestowed to members in recognition of outstanding service to the Group.

WARG Life Members:

1983  Adrian van den Avoort (VK6CU)

1983  Will McGhie (VK6UU)

1983  Jill Weaver (VK6YL) – Silent Key

1983  David Couch (VK6WT) – Silent Key 2009

1992  Trevor Solomon (VK6MS)

2001  Cliff Bastin (VK6LZ) – Silent Key 2023

2001  Christine Bastin (VK6ZLZ)

2002  Clive Wallis (VK6CSW)

2007  Rob Seaman (VK6LD)

2009  Malcolm ‘Mac’ MacDonald (VK6MM)

2020 John Hassell (VK6JAH) 15 year Treasurer.

2021 Bob Good (VK6ZGN) Allstar, Tech Officer.