Trades & Discounts

This page is for WARG members to advertise their businesses or for businesses that offer discounts and extras to WARG members.

Domain IX – Sponsor of the WARG website. Managing your internet presence so you don’t have to worry.

SpoOkTech Engineering– Supply value packed Dualband Handheld and mobile 2-Way radios (2m/70cm/UHFCB) and electronics parts/products.  SpoOkTech specialise in Telecommunications systems both analogue and digital, RF and IP.  Communications systems, Surveillance and tracking systems, circuit design and manufacture. WARG member discounts are available on some products/services. 
 Diamond Antennas– WARG use Diamond Antennas at most of it’s sites for VHF and UHF repeaters, as well as APRS. Thanks to Strictly Ham for generous club discounts. 
 WARG Shop– WARG sell a variety of Amateur Radio related accessories such as:

  • Coax – RG-58 & RG213 (by the roll or by the metre)
  • Connectors – PL259
  • Antennas – 2m “PogoStick” Coaxial Di-Pole (Made in Western Australia by WARG)


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