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Kellerberrin 2m/APRS

Kellerberrin repeater site has been secured thanks to the hard work of Peter VK6FUN. The Kellerberin shire council have granted us permission to install and operate a 2m voice repeater and APRS node up their tower at the top of the hill. A recent site survey indicated it is a prime site in providing coverage over the great eastern highway between Perth and Kalgoorlie. It’s expected the site to be fully operational early 2011

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Wundowie APRS

APRS coverage around the Northam and York areas has been introduced thanks to a new Digipeater hosted by VK6TNC. This APRS Digipeater relays APRS packets to Tic Hill. Equipment, configuration and drive were enthusiastically provided by Craig VK6FLAM, Peter VK6FUN, Chris VK6TNC, and Joe VK6ZTN.

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APRS has gained a lot of interest lately and WARG is coming to the party by planning and installing APRS Digipeaters or nodes at many of it’s regional repeater sites. WARG hopes to have APRS coverage wherever there is Voice coverage to enable effective tracking of APRS beacons throughout the state. Several WARG members are running APRS I- Gates and Sat-Gates to capture the APRS data.

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