Roleystone (VK6RAP) Working Bee

Quick update on the weekend’s working bee at VK6RAP.

Thanks to the following who attended on either or both of the days:
Danny VK6FZUK; Dennis VK6KAD; Heath VK3TWO/6; Neil VK6BDO; Peter
VK6PMY; William VK6KWT; plus myself. Thanks also to Danny & Heath
for donations of cable tray offcuts, etc.

The aim of the working bee was to replace the various old
interconnecting coax, leads with new double-screened low-loss coax
leads, and to tidy the racks & check/remount the various cavity
filters/cables more securely. This was achieved for the voice
repeater systems and associated cavity filters, however time ran out
before we could complete work on the cabling associated with the
packet systems. (The existing packet coax cabling is not too bad
though, should be OK for now).

On Saturday VK6’s AXB / BDO / FZUK attended and made new cabling for
the 70cm repeater and remounted its filters in the rack. Work was
begun on remounting the 2m filters. The 70cm filters/diplexer were
swept using WARG’s newly-acquired IFR1500 instrument, which proved
itself versatile & easy to use in practice.

On Sunday VK6’s AXB / BDO / KAD / KWT / PMY / & VK3TWO attended.
Remounting of the filters in the racks was completed. New cabling was
made for the 2m voice repeater, news link, & 6m voice repeater
(antenna feed). The remaining filters & 2m diplexer were swept with
the IFR. Lengths of donated cable tray were mounted to the walls to
tidy & secure antenna feeder cables & the like. At the conclusion of
the job the racks & hut floor were vacuumed/dusted, and the hut given
a general tidy up.


On-air tests & monitoring of the news broadcast links indicates all
systems are working well, however if anyone is experiencing the
contrary, please make a report and let us know ASAP!

I have taken a few photos which I will try & bring to the meeting,
also I will send some to Rob for inclusion on the WARG website as

Future work ideas (in rough priority order):

Reinforce saggy floor under batteries

Acquire & install cable ladder/support system between mast & hut to
replace existing old/inadequate catenary support

Complete work on interior cables

Fix water ingress near door to prevent floor swelling/rotting near entry

The 2m to 6m/70 cm news link system should also be monitored and
future work considered if the startup delay (or other problems)
become worse or re-occur.

I can make more of a report at the meeting if needs be.

BR & 73,
Anthony VK6AXB


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