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Only DAYS to Go! Till the 10th of June Meeting of WARG

Time to get your WARG on…

The June meeting & pre-loved equipment junk sale…
is happening…

THIS Coming Monday!

WHERE: 10 Helen Street,
Bellevue. The 1st Midland
Scout Hall.

WHEN: 6:30pm for Buyers
(6pm for Sellers to set-up)
and 7:30pm for the June

$5 a table for Sellers; Gold Coin Donation for Buyers… and the meeting is as always Free.

( Just a quick note: as it is our 1st time at this location. We don’t know how we will go with getting an online presence this month; so maybe you shouldn’t COUNT on it – but we will try and we will just have to see how it goes. So if you’re not at the meeting, we can only try to Do Our Best. )


And…. lastly but not leastly… (Is that even a word? <shrug>)

At the meeting we will have a Chook Raffle… $5 per ticket!
Prize(s) will be Drawn on the night. All funds raised will go to…
Maintaining and Expanding The WA Repeater Network.

Download a Printable Flyer to remind yourself of offline of the details.


Mini-WARG-fest? Well a Pre-Loved Equipment & Junk sale… at least. Yes, it is time for the June Meeting of WARG… on the 10th of JUNE 2024. *Note a Change of Venue… for the night*

Yes Folks, the June meeting is soon to be upon us. The main activity for this coming month is a WARG Junk Sale… Pre-Loved Equipment Sale… Not an Everyday Sale… You get the point. 😉

Now this is Important, for this meeting, we’re not at the usual location. This monthly meeting and the Pre-Loved Equipment Junk sale will be happening at the 1st Midland Scout Hall in BELLEVUE the Address for your GPS is at #10 Helen St., Bellevue.
Here is a Google Maps Link and a speccy piccy of the hall…

Tea, Coffee & Biscuits etc. are available (for a small donation, as always) AND also…
We are hopeful of having a sausage sizzle and soft drinks available, for a small fund-raising cost like at a certain national chain of hardware stores. So if you’re hungry…

However, of course, we strongly encourage everyone to attend… else you’ll never-never know what of someone else’s trash would have become your treasure!

(NB: We also hope to be announcing a more substantial raffle in coming months, but for that we will need to go to the Lotteries Commission and get a permit etc.)

For more information: Check out the Facebook Group for any updates; Listen to the VK6ARN Weekly NEWSWEST; and of course, WARG’s own Sunday on-air Tech&Gen Net 1030AM (local) on Perth Repeater Ch.3 that’s VK6RLM 146.750MHz.
(We *MAY* even to be found on WAHAMS.)


Did you know that there is a WARG Facebook Group?

If you are a member of the social media platform FACEBOOK you can join a group for Members and Friends of WARG. The group is just one more way for our Members and Friends in VK6 and beyond to keep up-to-date with WARG News and Activities.

While you are logged in to Facebook – Point your browser to the following URL:

OR you can use the Facebook search bar at top left, to search for West Australian Repeater Group and join the group that way.

Hope to see you online…


Catching up on the May AGM results:

We are pleased to welcome our new Committee for 2024-25, as follows:

President: Matt VK6ML
Vice President: Barry VK6SP
Secretary: Anthony VK6AXB
Treasurer: Adam VK6XR
Membership Officer: Anthony VK6AXB
Technical Officer: Colin VK6ACT

Councillors: Carsten VK6PCB, Mark VK6FIVE, Martin VK6ZMS, Mitch VK6XB,
Ray VK6ZRW, & Trevor VK6MS.

Thank you to the members on the new Committee, particularly to Adam, who has agreed to step into the Treasurer’s role and join Committee for the first time, and also thanks to Matt VK6ML for agreeing to stand as President for the coming year.

In the next couple of weeks the Committee will meet, and – all being well – begin planning activities, the June meeting and beyond.

Thanks to Anthony (6AXB) for the above words he put into an email to the WARG Reflector a little bit back, soon after the AGM.

Now.. a slight update… committee emails have been flying… and the committee meeting should be happening soon. Meanwhile…

Remember THAT News which was flagged by Peter VK6PM on the WARG Facebook Page after the March Meeting (or does it just feel that long ago, maybe April) … about a “WARGFest”… well… not so BIG as a FEST but Yes… there is going to be a Bring n Buy (or junk sale) for the June meeting…

Details coming out soon… -very- -very- soon. So, Yes… Keep your eyes peeled on all points of contact from WARG… This Blog, The WARG Email Reflector, The Technical & General Net, and of course The WARG Facebook Page.

73 from WARG, VK6RRG.


Next WARG Monthly Meeting (& AGM) – 6th May 2024.

Due to Monday 6th May being our AGM, the next monthly WARG meeting is to be held straight afterwards, at the 1st Pelican Point Sea Scout Group, 12 Australia II Drive Crawley. (Down the end past the yacht club) Doors open at 19:00 for a 19:30 start. Tea and coffee are available. All are welcome. Also a quick reminder that you need to be a financial member for the 2024/5 year to vote in the AGM or to Stand for Committee.

IF TIME PERMITS… Robyn VK6XRE will give a quick Part II to her Public Safety Radio Talk.

Pelican Point Sea Scout Hall Click here for the Google Maps Link.

Online Meeting details are on the Members Website