D-Star Update – 12 July 2008

We are expecting to be doing DSTAR repeater test transmissions within a fortnight. These will consist of 2m Digital Voice and Data, as well as 23cm high speed data. The repeater will only be active during certain periods throughout the weekends for the next couple of months.This is due to the expected delay with licensing from ACMA and could otherwise be fully operational 24/7 within the fortnight!

I would also like to start up a DSTAR simplex net if anyone is interested. If anyone would like to take part, or anyone in VK6 who has DSTAR capabilities, they can please email me VK3TWO/6.

I currently have gear capable of 2m, 70cm and 23cm and would like to make
use of them!


Heath – VK3TWO/6
VK6 DSTAR Coordinator


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