WARG Network-Wide Upgrades 2010

There have been some recent and ongoing upgrades to the Repeater and APRS networks around VK6.

SERG have successfully linked Albany to Mt Barker, as well as extending the APRS coverage down in the south west. Plan is to possibly link Mt Barker back up to Katanning. Thanks to Rob and the crew down south.

WARG have recently been doing some refurbishment up at Tic Hill, consisting of new antennas, new coax cable runs, new solar panels and regulators, new batteries, refurbishment of repeater, APRS and telemetry monitoring of battery voltage, and soon to install a wind generator. This site has also had increased WAFreenet upgrades including IP Surveillance cameras, 5GHz data links and VOIP capabilities.

will be recovering/repairing/replacing the repeater at RMS at Mt Saddleback in the comming weeks thanks to William who will be working in the area on a commercial basis. This should see all services at RMS, including the WIA news link back to RAP restored.

Peter VK6FUN has been doing extensive work on the APRS network with BBR getting re-instated up at rolleystone soon, and APRS coverage expansion out towards Kalgoorlie, starting with Northam, York and Kellerberin links. Thanks to VK6TNC for offering to host an APRS digipeater link in to Tic Hill from the East.

HARG have a new APRS digipeater up at the club rooms. keep an eye/ear out for VK6AHR. There has been a recent uptake of APRS throughout the South West, particularly the Perth area, so this new APRS digi should assist in some void areas to the SE of Perth and beyond. It’s great to see so many more people showing an interest in APRS. This is largely due to “Beacon in a box” units being offered by BigRedBee and Byonics, and VK6FUN distributing 10 Argent Open Trackers.

VK6RAP is due for an overhaul of it’s antenna and feeders. Date is penciled in as 11th and/or 12th September. Please feel free to come and help out.

December is penciled in as a “Weekend at Cateby” to do a major overhaul of most of the site. Works will consist of guy replacement, antenna/feeder refurbishment/replacement, new radios, new batteries, new solar cells, new DC distribution etc etc… Let us know if you’re keen for a great weekend away.

WARG is currently costing up the replacement/upgrade to the entire WARG Repeater network which will consist of new repeaters, new controllers and refurbishment of Antennas and feeders. A 300m roll of LDF5-50 has been purchased for Rolleystone, and considerations for repeater upgrades has come down to the Icom IC-FR5000/6000 series and the Spectra MX920 series. Negotiations are currently underway to secure the supply/support and sponsorship of the new network. Recovered equipment will either be refurbished and used for spare repeaters, expanding the network even further, or possibly even sold to raise more funds for more new equipment.

With the upgrade to the network we should see improved performance of all of our repeaters, expansion of the WIA news broadcast, new features such as permanent linking between some site, as well as the ability for a user to connect to a particular site manually/remotely.

Expansion of the network is being explored to the North up to Geraldton, and to the East to Kalgoorlie. Path profiling, Site Surveys, and site access/agreements are currently being looked at.

Ive been working on some google map plots which some of the WARG members have seen. Eventually they will incorporate all of the APRS and voice, current and future links. Keep an eye out in the files section here: http://groups.google.com/group/wahams/files

If anyone is aware of more network activities, or would like to offer ideas, equipment or hosting facilities, please let me know.



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