VK100WIA Super Springtime!

WARG has been VERY busy this year with several projects and activities taking place. Probably the most significant of the activities was the WIA’s Centenary Celebrations through use of the VK100WIA callsign throughout the event called “Super Springtime” as detailed on the front cover of November edition of AR Magazine . WARG officially had the callsign for 3 days, however through the cooperation of 6 other Perth based AR groups, a total of 12 days saw the VK100WIA centenary callsign active in Perth. Super Springtime also saw two simultaneous public displays of AR at Wireless Hill and the Perth Royal Show for the duration of the event. YouTube footage can be found here: and photo’s here:

Throughout the Super Springtime WIA Centenary event, extensive use was made of the WAHAM’s Google group. This online group was created so that all WA HAM’s regardless of club or WIA membership can share information between each other. If you’re in WA, and want to know what’s going on around you, check out the WAHAMS Google group here: