VK6RLM DMR back on line

Hi all,

After what seems like an eternity the VK6RLM DMR repeater is back on line with full connectivity to the Brandmeister network.

After getting HamNet to the site we had to work with the Brandmeister teams both in VK and the US, and then fix a fault with the repeater.

Thanks must got to Matt, VK6ML, for all his work.

The Output frequency of the repeater is 438.525 MHz with a -7MHz offset for the input.

TS1 is user access for whatever talkgroup you like. Just TX on that talkgroup and it will connect and remain connected for 15mins after no more local activity, at which time it will disconnect.

TS2 are statically mapped to TG505 (VK) and TG5056 (VK6).

Have a look at https://brandmeister.network/?page=repeater&id=505605

Reports and feedback welcome.


Ray – VK6ZRW