D-Star Presentation Files

Hi all,

Files for Adam VK6XR’s D-Star presentation are available from the WARG SharePoint via the below link. There is a PDF and a PPS (PowerPoint) file to download and watch while Adam does his presentation via Skype –

VK6XR DStar presentation

Skype Link

Adam has extensive knowledge on the topic and has recently completed a long-term project of back-end work on the VK6RWN D-Star system, in the process upgrading the Server and network gateway to allow access to the full range of current D-Star features. (With the system back in more regular use, we have found a couple of hiccups on the RF side affecting the 2m performance – these are being investigated right now, and hopefully resolved soon…)

Adam’s presentation will cover relevant history and how the D-Star system works, main technical features and the practical side of getting on air – registration, setting up radios and hotspots, and much more.

The meeting format will be altered accordingly – instead of the usual business, there will be a short welcome and introduction, followed by the D-Star presentation, and questions / discussion afterwards. Once the presentation is concluded, we will have a short tea break, and reconvene for a shortened meeting focused on more urgent matters for discussion / decision.