WARG AGM POSTPONED; on-air net/meeting tomorrow instead

Hello All,

Given the events of the last 24 hours with more COVID cases in the community, and this morning further restrictions announced, the WARG Committee has taken the decision to postpone our face-to-face Annual General Meeting, which was scheduled for tomorrow evening, May 3rd. Instead of the AGM, we will be holding an on-air general  meeting / net tomorrow evening (which will NOT be the AGM), I will separately circulate advice / agenda re this.

Our apologies for the short notice, and the inconvenience – however in the current situation we felt it’s not wise to continue with the face-to-face meeting as planned. While it seems there are no restrictions (as yet) that would absolutely prevent us travelling or meeting in person – given the present situation, it’s better that we don’t do so. The announcement of further restrictions could be imminent…

The AGM advice circulated in early April foreshadowed this possibility, and stated that if the physical meeting was not possible, the AGM would become an on-air meeting instead. However, on further reflection Committee members felt that postponing the AGM until the next scheduled face-to-face meeting date (Monday 14th June) was preferable to trying it as an on-air meeting again.

While we did last years’ AGM as an on-air meeting, that was relatively early in the pandemic, and at a time when it was unclear how long the COVID restrictions would be in place for. We now know that the lockdowns don’t last forever, and it’s possible we could be back meeting face-to-face in a few weeks, much more preferable for an AGM. Our experience of the on-air meetings is that they are inferior to face-to-face gatherings in many respects, and given the nature of the AGM and discussions, the possibility we will need to vote on office bearers etc, it would be desirable to try for a face-to-face AGM at the next opportunity.

There is no problem with this re our rules – we have 6 months from the start of our financial year (1st April) to conduct the AGM – gives us until the end of September, worst-case.

(Naturally, if in the next weeks the situation became drastically worse and the lockdowns were to continue for an extended period, we would then revisit this and look at doing the AGM on-air or remotely somehow – hopefully this does not happen, however).

Happy to discuss or clarify as required. Thank you to all members for your understanding.

73, and Best Regards,
Anthony VK6AXB
Secretary, WARG

On Air Meeting Details

The next WARG monthly meeting is to be held on air Monday 3 May 2021 on repeater VK6RLM (146.750), not at our regular venue. The meeting will commence at the regular time of 19:30 hours. Hope to hear a few people on the net.

If you wish to participate in the meeting, you can do so by the following:
Radio: Repeater VK6RLM 146.750MHz -0.6Mhz offset
ALLSTAR: Node 28608
Echolink: Node 909122

Echolink for Android
Echolink for iOS

More info at http://www.echolink.org

More info about AllStar https://www.warg.org.au/how-to-guides/